Our price

Included in your Kitten Pack

Our Ragdoll Kittens are:

point color is from $1500 

bicolor is from $1800 as a pet


Our Bengal Kittens are:

 From $ 2500 as a pet

incl. $500 non-refundable deposit.

please contact us for more information.

Our kitten comes with our supreme kitten pack which includes: This is everything to get you started with your new little one.

Our Kitten Pack Now Includes:


The naming of your kitten on the registration papers

4 Gen GCCFV Pedigree Papers


Vaccinations at least 2 times depend s on the age 

Wormed regularly whilst here 

Blanket with mum and siblings smell on it

Carrier for your baby to go home in and for any vet visits.

Scratching post, toys, and a brush.

Double food bowl and water bowl 

Litter Tray and Scoop

Samples of Litter

1-week Food Samples (we are feeding fresh raw food, Feline Natural can food, ZIWI recipe, it is grain-free and we are having great results with our cats and kittens)

Health Guarantee based on the regulations of Agriculture Victoria



All of our kittens are fed TOP quality food!!!

  1. Dry Food: Orijen, ZIWI PEAK

  2. Wet Food: Feline Natural, ZIWI PEAK, Royal Canin, CIAO

  3. Raw Food: Natural Instinct Pet Food 

  4. Treats: CIAO, Freeze Dry Australia

  5. Cat litter: FurryTail Natural Tofu Litter

  6. Worming: Advocate, TROY

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